A young female war correspondent faces battles on the home front and must ultimately decide what she's willing to risk.

This play was the result of years of research, meetings and interviews with current and retired war correspondents. All characters are based on people I met during that time including those that I met in a London psychiatric facility in 2020. It was written with their permission but names, genders and traits have been changed for privacy. 


"This piece has a truly fantastic opening scene... The dialogue is pacy with a good level of tension between all the characters. The rest of the scenes were fascinating, especially the contrast of war with the domestic tensions and her [Harley's] difficulty with relationships... This is a very accomplished story dynamic. Easily switching back and forwards in time which is hard to achieve. A truly impressive piece."

- ETPEP Award Team, Finborough Theatre (2022)

"The exploration of the emotional and psychological impact of experiencing the horrors of conflict as a war correspondent was an interesting and engaging perspective that has thus been underexplored on stage. The reader was impressed by the complexity of Harley's character and how her strengths and flaws were revealed throughout the play. There is a confidence in the storytelling embedded in the non-linear structure of the play and how details are revealed."

- Literary Team, The Royal Court (2022)

Soho Theatre Writers Lab 2021 - 2022

I am overjoyed to announce I have been selected to join the Soho Theatre Writer's Lab in October.

I have watched some of the brightest, boldest and bravest new voices come through the iconic Soho Theatre and I can't think of a more inspiring place to write my debut full length play.

For more information about Soho and the epic work they produce, head to their website (or bar).

Feature Film Screenplay

In the spring of 2019 in a hotel lobby in New York City's West Village, my writing partner, Marco Balsamo, and I began working on the screenplay for a feature film.

Following international research trips that took us from sunny Miami to decidedly less sunny Surrey, we are nearing completion on our proudest work to date and can't wait to share this incredible true story with the world.

Set for completion later this year.

Stay tuned.

Travel Writing

For a full list of publications I have had my writing featured in, please use my contact form. Currently I write for OFFSET GUIDE, which offers a community of free-spirited travellers with collections of thoughtfully curated itineraries allowing them to experience the world's greatest cities in a sensorial, unusual & memorable way.

Most recent; New York.

Next up; Paris.

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