Current Projects


Overjoyed to announce I will be joining the Soho Theatre Writer's Lab 2021-2022

Feature Film

In the spring of 2019 in a hotel lobby in New York City's West Village, my writing partner, Marco Balsamo, and I began working on the screenplay for a feature film.

Following international research trips that took us from sunny Miami to decidedly less sunny Surrey, we are nearing completion on our proudest work to date and can't wait to share this incredible story with the world.

Stay tuned.

Travel Writing

For a full list of publications I have had my writing featured in, please use my contact form.

Currently I write for OFFSET GUIDE, which offers a community of free-spirited travellers with collections of thoughtfully curated itineraries allowing them to experience the world's greatest cities in a sensorial, unusual & memorable way.

Most recent; New York.

Next up; Paris.

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